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  • Why should I choose your makeup services?
    The honest answer is because I care, and I would want to make you look and feel like the most amazing person in the world. I would always show you tips and tricks on how to achieve makeup looks you always wanted after you leave my makeup chair. I believe emphasizing your most amazing facial features and want you to feel and look “a million dollars”. I am always here to offer you advice long after your makeup appointment. I am never on the “clock” and want to give you a true value in terms of my knowledge and experience.
  • How far in advance should I book my makeup trial?
    I would suggest booking your trial approximately 3 -6 months in advance if possible to ensure I am available on your chosen wedding date. I know this is not always possible, I will always endeavour to be helpful and try to fit in your trail.
  • Are you mobile or do you work from a studio?
    I am available to do both. I prefer to do trials at my home studio, purely because we have a lot more choice at my studio in terms of number of products, choice of colours etc. In saying that and I do always travel to location for the weddings or makeup session when required. How far do you travel, and do you charge a travel fee? I don’t charge a travel fee up to 17 mile radius, after that I charge a 50p mileage per mile travelled on a return journey basis. Do you require a deposit for bookings? Yes I do, I require 20% deposit at the time of booking to ensure your chosen time/date appointment. In the event of cancellation up to 48 Hours prior to your booking deposit will be returned. If cancellation is required after 48 hours that deposit will be non-refundable as I may not be able to fill in your appointment time.
  • How do I prepare for my wedding/makeup trial?
    You don’t need to do anything as I will do a luxury skin prep and all necessary preparation for your makeup appointment. You can relax and enjoy being pampered. All you need to do is bring your lovely and happy personality, we can have fun and play with makeup.
  • What should I expect at a makeup trial?
    The honest answer is, a lot of fun. I absolutely love designing looks to suit your dream vision and also suit your personality. I am here to make sure your dream look comes true. I am also here to guide you and advise you on what products, colours and looks will suit your skin complexion, bone structure and eye colour. I will create a highly customised look to suit you perfectly. Prior to your appointment I will ask you to email/send me a picture of your makeup free in order to assess your facial features. I will also ask you for couple of reference items in terms of pictures of makeup styles you love. You could send me a couple of pictures of makeup looks you thought were amazing. I will ask you to forward those to me as this tells me what your expectations are. I will then do my best to ensure the look I create is absolutely perfect for you and that you look and feel amazing. I will always talk you through what I am doing, how I am doing it and what products I am using. For every one of my clients my aim is to teach you some tips and tricks so you can recreate some of the makeup looks you always wanted after you leave my makeup chair. Ladies, just so you know I am always available to help you after you have been to see me. I will always be happy to advise you on what products to buy and products that will suit you. Just get in touch.
  • Do you provide eyelashes?
    Yes, I do indeed. All lashes are included in your wedding/Special Occasion Package.
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